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Occupational Lenses can be an Alternative Solution to Varifocals

Man wearing glasses sat at his work desk.

A varifocal is a great all round lens, designed to allow vision for distance, reading and computer. Many people will happily use varifocal lenses for everything, but for those who are in front of screens most of the day and just want lenses that allow for computer and reading, then there are a series of  occupational lenses we can recommend.

We see many unique working scenarios and would say that occupational or vocational lenses can be used as a standalone or additional pair of glasses, to complement the experience of  Varifocals or even reading glasses.

How do these lenses work?

In a nutshell these lenses resemble varifocals but do not have a long distance prescription at the top of the lens. Instead they blend from screen distance at the top of the lens to a reading section at the bottom portion of the lens. giving a greater area for closer tasks than a conventional varifocal.

We can tailor these lenses according to the client specification and environment.


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