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Ortho-K  Lenses

Orthkeratology, also known as Ortho-K is a vision correction therapy which is available at David Spicer Opticians. Ortho-K is not a new vision correction, but in the past few years has become more accurate and as a result more popular.

In short, contact lenses are worn overnight and when you wake up, you will have clear vision without the need of glasses or contact lenses during the day.

Women Wearing Ortho-k Lenses

How does wearing contact lenses overnight work?

The custom made Ortho-K contact lenses gently reshape and flatten the curvature of the Cornea. Upon removal in the morning the slight change in the curvature will allow crisp and clear vision over the course of the day.

At Spicers Opticians we use the Eyedream Ortho-K technology and it has proved to be safe, effective and has transformed the lives of many clients.

Is Ortho-K for me?

We recommend Ortho-k for clients with mild to moderate myopia / short-sightedness

•    A spherical (SPH) spectacle spherical prescription of -0.75D up to -5.00D
•    Astigmatism (CYL) of up to -2.50D.

Ortho-K is perfect for people who:

•    Want clear natural vision all day
•    Find that soft contact lenses aren’t comfortable or unsuitable
•    Are involved in sport and other recreational activities where glasses correction is not ideal
•    Have considered laser surgery but are concerned with the risks

Ortho-K / Orthokeratology for Children at David Spicer Optometrists

Numerous studies have indicated that ortho-k lenses can slow the progression of short-sightedness in children - subsequently reducing the risk of developing associated problems in adulthood.

Ortho-K brings hope for parents, creating a realistic opportunity to delay or slow down myopia in their children.

The improvements vary for each child, and the treatment has never been known to exacerbate Myopia, making it one of the safest options.

The journey into wearing Ortho-k lenses

Our Ortho-K accredited Optometrist will carry out a full assessment which will involve using specialist topography equipment that will map the surface of the Cornea. This information will be used to produce a custom made set of lenses that will be placed on the Cornea for overnight wear. Typically we will carry out an assessment followed by two to three appointments which will involve fitting and also tutorials in insertion and removal of the lenses. By the third appointment clients would be returning for a follow up having completed overnight wear.

Once the fitting has been completed an Ortho-K lens wearer will be wearing lenses every evening and returning for follow up appointments as directed by the Optometrist. A new set of lenses will be supplied every 6 months.

Maintenance of the lenses is carried out by using cleaning solutions that we can also supply.

How much does Ortho-K cost?

The initial assessment and fitting will cost £295.00 and thereafter there is an ongoing monthly charge of £47.50 per month.

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