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Having Problems with Night Driving?

Some of these tips might seem really straight forward, but doing all of them will definitely help.

•Schedule an eye exam with an Optometrist – Receiving a comprehensive eye exam every year can help you make sure your eyesight is in good condition and check your glasses for wear and tear, especially scuffed &scratched lenses.

•Wear spectacle lenses that have an anti reflective coating – Lenses with these coatings, can definitely help to make night driving easier. We recommend the Nikon Seecoat or Essilor Crizale Forte on our lenses.

•Clean all glass and mirrors – Diligent cleaning of the windscreen inside and out, windows, mirrors, and all other glass surfaces can help night time glare. Streaks, smudges and dirt on your windscreen and mirrors reduce the contrast and visibility of objects on the road. Don’t forget about the headlights. Dirt can reduce the light output of your headlights and decrease your ability to see and be seen. I tend to use a glasses cleaning product call rainX, this not only helps to clean the screen but creates a hydrophobic layer on the screen that helps when night driving in the rain.

•Adjust your rear-view and side mirrors – A car’s mirrors, properly positioned, limit blind spots and make it easier to identify vehicles on the side and rear but they can also reduce glare.

•Turn off your interior lights – Lights inside your car can seem extra bright and make it more difficult to see. Dim or turn off any unnecessary lighting in the interior of your car.

•Flip your rear-view mirror – Flipping the small lever at the bottom of your rear-view mirror switches the mirror to its night setting. Headlights behind you will still appear in your mirror, but dimmer and less distracting.

•Avoid looking directly at the headlights of oncoming traffic – When oncoming traffic approaches, look down and to the right. By using the white line on the right side of the road for lane position instead of the left side, you’ll be able to see other vehicles in your peripheral vision and reduce glare.


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