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Sports Eyewear & Sunglasses

We stock ranges of Sunglasses that look great and provide the necessary UV protection (see below) that your eyes need. No matter what the occasion, skiing, sailing, golf, tennis, horse-riding, cycling, badminton, squash, hiking, you can accessorize any stylish outfit with a great pair of sunglasses. Even people who don’t need correction can see better with the best sunglasses.


OAKLEY – Prescription eyewear. From the office to any playing surface. Oakley’s visionary innovations of High Definition Optics has solutions for any light condition.


We’ve all been blinded by glare, and it’s never good. Experience less glare with a pair of Oakley Polarised lenses. Truly the best glare –reducing lenses in the world.


MAUI JIM – Sunglasses that provide advanced protection from the glare & harmful UV rays of the Sun., without distorting the beautiful colours around us. Maui Jim uses Polarized Plus 2 technology. It eliminates glare & boosts colour so blues are truer, greens are brighter and reds more vibrant.


Maui Jim



We deal with what are regarded as the most globally recognised Sunglasses and Sports Sunglasses.

Our Dispensing Opticians will go through various lifestyle questions, and taking your input, prescription and requirements into account. We will recommend the best solution for you.




Protection from UV rays is a must. We all take care in putting sun block on face and body, but somehow fail to take the correct precautions when it comes to our eyes. UV is an invisible form of radiation and the damage to eyes builds up over time. There are 3 different types of UV radiation:


UVA: The least harmful of the three and most penetrative. Over exposure to UVA can cause certain types of cataract and have been linked with macular degeneration.


UVB: This is the most damaging type of UV for the eye. Exposure to UVB causes sunburn and over exposure to the eye can cause pingueculae, pterygia and snow blindness.


UVC: This is the strongest form of UV and fortunately the atmosphere’s ozone layer blocks virtually all UVC rays.

But this also means depletion of the ozone layer potentially could allow high-energy UVC rays to reach the earth’s surface and cause serious UV-related health problems

All Sunglasses will provide 100% UV protection and most clear glasses and certain Contact lenses will to a degree give protection.

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