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Children's Eyecare



We pride ourselves at providing the very best level of eyecare and have enhanced our ability to do this by investing in an OCT, Optical Coherence Tomography. We are now able to image the very back of your eyes, including the retinal layers, enabling us to study your eyes in greater detail from the surface of your retina right down to the underlying surfaces, not visible by any other means.


An OCT scan is comparable to an ultrasound scan for the eyes and can form a 3 Dimensional cross section of the retina, allowing our Optometrists to see, sometimes for the first time, problems within your eye that could not easily be seen before.


OCT Scanner

The OCT uses the most advanced technology to detect abnormalities at an incredibly early stage. This helps us to check for eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Retinal Detachments and much more.


The great thing is that the test is totally non invasive and in most cases can be done in a few minutes. Our Optometrists will then go through this with you during your eye examination and be able to offer you the most comprehensive test to date.


Digital Retinal Photography


In addition to careful examination of your eyes by the traditional method of Ophthalmoscopy, we now also recommend High-Resolution Digital Retinal Photography.

The images here show the level of detail we can achieve with the retinal camera, the upper image showing the full view of the central retina, the lower being a close-up of the optic nerve from the same view.

One advantage of High-Resolution Retinal Photography is that we are often able to detect detail not visible by standard methods. But also, because the image is permanently stored in our computerised records, we are able to accurately compare the appearance from one visit to the next.

We believe this is an important enhancement in our ability to detect any changes, which may indicate early signs of a number of conditions, including Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Vascular Hypertension and many others.


Corneal Topography



Using corneal topography we can capture a high-definition 3D image of the corneal surface to help us find the best contact lens to fit your eye.


Especially useful in fitting speciality contact lenses, we can use the data set from the topographer to help our lens manufacturers to make a bespoke contact lens using high-precision lathes.


Visual Fields


Vision is often measured by how far down the letter chart we can read correctly. But another very important part of our everyday experience of life is our awareness of the things further out in our peripheral vision: the things we catch a glimpse of “in the corner of our eye”. This wider visual awareness is known as our visual field. Sadly there are some conditions that cause us to lose some or part of our field of vision, the most common of which is Glaucoma.

We have two pieces of high technology equipment to assess Visual Fields.

Zeiss FDT (Frequency-Doubling Technology) is a quick, efficient field screener that assesses the central field of vision and is normally included as part of our standard eye examination on all over-40s.

Humphrey Visual Field Analysis is a more in-depth assessment which we use when there is a history of field loss or when the FDT result indicates further assessment is advisable.


Children's Eyecare
kids eyecare


Children’s eyecare is of the utmost importance, and your child’s eyesight affects more than their ability to see.  Hand-eye co-ordination, sports performance and self confidence can all be affected by poor vision in childhood.


Our Optometrists are experienced in assessing childrens eyesight, and will make the best possible course of action needed. Your child will receive an NHS eye examination when necessary up until 16 years old and thereafter if they remain in full time education up to 19 years old.




At David Spicer Optometrists, we can do tests using coloured overlays to assess the effectiveness of colour in reducing visual stress.


We also provide Colorimetry assessments to determine the exact colour and brightness needed in a pair of spectacle lenses to reduce visual stress and improve performance.


Very impressed by the service offered by Ewan in advising me on glasses and fitting them, and also Paul’s manner in providing my eye test. They have both gone above & beyond in preparing for me to test out some contact lenses. I think your practice is excellent and wish I had changed years ago.


- K. Davis, Abingdon

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