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Contact Lenses

These days people who need vision correction don’t want the same correction for all their activities. You don’t have one pair of shoes for the office, the bedroom, the walk in the country, the beach and the tennis court do you?


So although specs may be great for indoors, many people of all ages prefer the freedom of contact lenses, especially for more dynamic activities. They provide a wider field of vision without the disadvantages of spectacle lenses splattered with raindrops or misting up when you get hot. Many people have found that contact lenses fit their lifestyle perfectly.


Whether you want lenses for all-day, every day, or just for occasional use for sport or that special occasion we have the lenses to fit your needs. We frequently successfully fit lenses to people who have been told by other opticians that they are unsuitable for contact lenses. Lenses these days are available in high-performance designs and materials so that they are healthier and more comfortable than ever before.


Whether you have tried lenses before and given up or want to try them for the first time, our skilled optometrists will find the lens that is right for you. As an independent practice, we have the freedom to choose contact lenses from any supplier. Our first-choice for many is the Acuvue range of lenses from Johnson & Johnson VisionCare and our practice is an Acuvue Centre of Excellence.


We also supply lenses from all the mainstream manufacturers: Alcon, Coopervision and Bausch&Lomb as well as more specialist labs like Ultravision and No7.

Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses
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Ultra Vision
Bausch & Lomb
Contact Lens Types

Contact Lens Types 

soft lenses

Soft Daily Disposable Lenses

Soft contact lenses, also referred as disposable contact lenses, are an economical solution for part-time wearers as well as those who want a convenient, no-fuss daily contacts as there are no solutions or cleaning required.

monthly lenses

Soft Monthly/ Fortnightly Lenses

Certain soft contact lens models can be worn overnight but the vast majority do require cleaning and storing on a nightly basis. Ideal for those who want a better value option to daily disposables.

gas lenses

Gas Permeable Lenses

A type of hard contact lens used to shape the eyeball to correct astigmatisms or very high prescriptions, gas permeable lenses offer certain users more comfort than soft alternatives. 

multifocal lenses

Multifocal Lenses

These contacts are used to correct distance and near vision simultaneously. Disposable or monthly/fortnightly lenses are available which will determine the need for solutions and care.

toric lenses

Toric Lenses

Also used to correct astigmatisms, toric contact lenses are specially designed to fit the shape of the eye. Disposable or monthly/fortnightly lens options are available which will determine the need for solutions and care.

Contact Lens Scheme

Contact Lens Scheme

Most of our contact wearers choose to join our EyeCare Scheme. In return for a monthly professional fee they receive:


  • Full annual eye examination and Contact Lens review

  • Unlimited additional Contact Lens follow-up exams as clinically necessary

  • Contact Lenses supplied at LOW prices (usually below internet prices)

  • 30% discount on spectacles (Most CL wearers still also wear specs sometimes!)

  • 20% discount on our great range of sunglasses (to wear with CLs) and other stuff


contact lenses

We recommend that all our contact lens wearers join the scheme as, apart from being great value, it spreads the cost and removes the uncertainty of having to pay for unplanned visits.


You also have the option of pay-per-visit and buying lenses at non-scheme prices if you prefer.


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